IOP Experience and Clinical Outcomes

What Results Do Clients Get With Our Programs?

If you join our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), our goal is to empower you, support your healing, and help create a noticeable transformation in your life.

That’s why we use a wide range of data to measure our program effectiveness (including industry-recognized assessments, direct client feedback, and anonymous surveys). This tells us how our IOP is working. And it helps us identify ways to improve and get better.

Scroll down for a glimpse into what previous clients have gotten out of our programs.

Please note that not everyone will experience the same results. We share these results to show what’s possible… and as encouragement that things can get better.

Client Stories and Testimonials

Our clients inspire us. It’s an honor to be able to serve such courageous and remarkable humans. Here’s what they have to say about their IOP experience (in their own words)…

“Plural Healthcare absolutely saved my life. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable, empathetic, and resolution-based. I cannot recommend this facility highly enough for mental healthcare. They’re the reason I’m still here today and got my life back.”
– C.K.

“Group at Plural Healthcare has been an extraordinary experience! I believe every aspect and discussion has helped me learn more about myself, the reasons for the difficulties I was dealing with, and how to come up with solutions and coping skills to help me now and in the future.”
– R.L.

“The staff at Plural Healthcare are genuinely focused on client healing. They have excellent therapists and were an integral part of my healing. I’m so thankful!”
– J.C.

“Group has been a catalyst into growth for me. […] Treatment here has been revolutionary compared to my past 18 months of treatment.”
– C.I.

“I appreciated the level of care that I received. I felt it was tailored to many of my needs each week. I felt cared for, listened to, validated, and heard. I felt very safe in this environment and I did not feel any pressure to not be myself. It has been a very comfortable place to heal.”
– N.C.

“I was distrustful of this process starting out because I’ve been to other programs. But the people are so amazing and there for you. Slowly, I let myself get more vulnerable, and as I have, I’ve gotten more and more out of it. It’s great to have somewhere to be that is so open.”
– L.E.

Clinical Metrics and Results

We track a variety of objective clinical metrics for each client. For example, we use industry-standard assessments at intake, at discharge, and on a weekly basis. And we ask clients to evaluate how different areas of their life have progressed over the course of the program.

On average, our clients report:

Depression Symptoms
41% Reduction
Anxiety Symptoms
37% Decrease
Overall Wellbeing
32% Improvement

* Averages based on self-reported scores (PHQ-9, GAD-7, Schwartz Outcome Scale) from intake to discharge.

Percentage of clients that say they see improvement in the following areas:

No Improvement
Not Applicable

Satisfaction Survey Responses

All clients fill out an anonymous survey after completing our program. They rate various aspects of our service. And they give written feedback about what we’re doing well… as well things we could be doing better. (We take this feedback seriously. And we’ve made a number of changes to our program as a result of client input.)

On average, clients rate the following aspects of our program:

Survey ItemRating                         
My overall satisfaction with services at Plural Healthcare4.8 5 Stars
Therapist was respectful of my pace and readiness.4.9 5 Stars
I was involved in developing my treatment goals.4.8 5 Stars
I was able to experience significant improvements in my mood, outlook, ability to cope with life, and ability to set goals for what I want for the future.4.7 4.5 Stars
I was able to meet goals I set for treatment, and feel greater personal satisfaction.4.5 4.5 Stars
The staff expressed to me sufficiently that follow up with an individual therapist weekly for the next several months is strongly recommended, and that continued mental health treatment on an individual level is a vital part of my Aftercare plan and maintaining wellness.4.9 5 Stars
The likelihood of my recommending this program to others.4.9 5 Stars

Curious about about how our IOP can help you (or a loved one)? Contact us today for more information. We’ll spend some time getting to know you and your situation. And we’ll help you decide what mental health care is best for you.