Stakeholder Documents

Below are key documents and other important information for stakeholders. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Plural Healthcare 2023 Plans

Strategic Plan 2023: The strategic plan identifies strengths and opportunities Plural Healthcare can use to move along a path to organizational success, defined by best serving its clients and stakeholders, while identifying and mitigating weaknesses and threats.

Risk Management Plan 2023: Plural Healthcare’s risk management plan assesses and mitigates potential risk factors to our services, staff, stakeholders, and persons served.

Continuous Quality Improvement Plan 2023: The CQI Plan will identify the outcomes of services and assesses the quality and appropriateness of clinical services.

Accessibility Plan 2023: Plural Healthcare is committed to accommodating the needs of all persons served, employees, and stakeholders. This Accessibility Plan corresponds to Plural Healthcare’s internal evaluation of barriers through the use of facility inspections, assessments of need, and consumer, stakeholder, and employee feedback.

Performance Measurement and Management Plan 2023: This plan guides the monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of the following: the effectiveness of services, the efficiency of services, access to services, and stakeholder satisfaction. The plan focuses on accountability for high quality service delivery and business functions related to our Intensive Outpatient Program and other services.

Cultural Competency, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan 2023: Plural Healthcare strives to improve upon the quality of life for all staff, persons served, their families/caregivers, and community members. Embracing diversity contributes to a more innovative, engaged, and accepting environment.